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Stone conservation



Natural stone has a beautiful pattern and color, a beautiful stone blocks depends not only on the quality of daily stone conservation is very important. High-quality stone surface without too many variegated color pattern, fabric color uniform, no light suddenly suddenly strong, whereas the quality of views of the stone can not be processed there will be many indemnity cover of "defects", so that the stone surface color pattern is to evaluate the merits of the important indicators of quality stone. Such as processing techniques and technology, however, finished products would be to warp, dents, spots, stains, missing edge off angle, crack, color line, Hang Wo phenomena, high-quality natural stone plate was no lack of neat cutting edge angle, surface smooth, high brightness, no rough hand touch feeling. At the same time, the choice of stone, in addition to pay attention to choose the color of the stone surface pattern, gloss and appearance of the decorative quality of performance, we must also consider the stone's strength, flexural strength, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance , hardness and other physical and chemical performance. The need for protection in stone, because stone naturally occurring micro-holes, pores smaller, capillary surface adsorption is stronger, a lot of stone diseases are "sick from the hole only". As a stone pavement surface after the material pollutant accept dirty, causing lesions, "pollutant pathway" is usually two: one from the stone's surface, when coffee, tea, ink and other liquids and small colored dust, bio-corrosion of the body difficult to clean up after. Since the stone needs maintenance, a number of processing enterprises and consumers in the stone to protect the surface of wax, but wax covering the surface of the stone, the stone surface of the pores will be blocked, the second safeguard, the existing stone will become a protective surface wax infiltration barriers within the stone, then, between the ground stone and cement or adhesive or chemical reaction will be because the moisture slowly, "invasive" Stone's body, causing stone back to base and color spots lesions. This method not only can not cure stone disease, but also to increase the disease, which is produced another stone disease "Pollution means." General operation flow stone conservation
I, crystal renovation project; 2, stone water seepage and pollution treatment; 3, water spot of prevention; 4, Bai Hua treatment; 5, rust treatment; 6, weak stain treatment; 7, processing wax scale ; 8, wear treatment; 9, vomit yellow (straw yellow) treatment.
1, to become dry - the processes operating in two situations, ① the original stone surface seams of damp earth, we are using far infrared light heating and drying. ② other plane of moisture, air dry. A result, water stains phenomenon has been thoroughly removed, both economic and reasonable, the customer satisfied.
2, to fill the stones - stones with a sealing solution to infiltration of water is an important preventive measure. Attention to sealing the necessary work. Sealing material should be good adhesion, non-powder, waterproof, can be grinding and polishing, we use the German super marble cracks supplements, in accordance with the technology of the interstitial filling (the same stone to fill the plane to take flat surface, sealing should be uniform to prevent the omission.) and after two hours of dry curing.
3, leveling polishing - done before in view of rock surface water, resulting in stone color, we do not have a direct method using ground leveling, but the first with O # steel wool, with special equipment to study friction in war, wore off the stone surface of the color layer, revealing the original big gray background. Fortunately, as repellant is the degree of infiltration of surface light stone, we only use the program have received good results, so we are worried about color issues have been brought under control. The second set of programs that use diamond grinding marble, water mill films, graduated polished, prepared without use.
4, yellow rust treatment - according to the overall program, the first of the places with serious rust, steel cotton polishing, to remove surface rust, then use the special marble rust rust agents. Descaling process is as follows: Clean the surface dry and wet surface rust rust agent paste plus white tissue paper cover of plastic film sealed surface covered aging for 3 hours with a mild detergent to dry after washing with water (one-time net addition to the rust can not be re-treatment)
5, water, protection - customers in order to avoid future recurrence of marble stains, pan rust, and subjected to other pollution, is the intention of our proposal, put protection on the ground floor after we learned the lessons of the original protective color, choose several good water repellent, take the stone to do the same experiment, on the one hand examination of the effect, on the other hand check to change the stone color, and determine the dosage in the process according to water absorption. After doing the above preparations, we carried out a large area of the protection of ground handling. Protection to address our main attention to the following process: ① Clean stone surfaces. ② fully dried. ③ even brushing repellant, Run through the rock face, not the brush, not too much to prevent the accumulation of the former affect the protective effect, which affect the appearance and increase the clean-up difficult. ④ under natural conditions, dry and ventilated more than 24 hours.
6, crystal processing: After the above process, you can be crystal treatment, we used crystal hardening agent in Spain, plus optical agent in accordance with its instructions to use technology, through equipment pressure, low-speed grinding, to produce hot products of agent reaction to form a non-slip surface of the hard mirror.
Maintenance of Stone:
Generally speaking, the stone has been done dealing with protection, care and maintenance can be divided into: ⑴ daily routine stone conservation: vacuumed off, then clean cloth or swab moistened with water and can, in places where there is dirt, use cloth or mop with the cleaning agent diluted cleaning solution. ⑵ month of maintenance: once every two weeks to January for the use of cloth or mop with special stone cleaner wipe. (Note: At this time do not use a normal sale of detergent) ⑶ years of maintenance: once every six months to a year for using a variety of cleaning agents remove dirt, on the polished stone (especially marble) can be used to protect agents or stone marble polishing agents combined with the machine for processing. (Note: At this time, please refer to cleaning and protection treatment instructions) All in all, Stone is a very noble and natural materials, the methods of conservation rather special, just clean it must use the special stone cleaner, general cleaning agent Not only can not achieve the desired effect, but also part of the fluoride will remain in the stone, and thus, hurt the stone, so advice for consumers: the maintenance of stone, please use the special cleaning agents.
Description: cleaning stone suitable for the kinds of stone, please use the special cleaning agents, avoid the use of fluoride containing a large number of strong acid cleaning agent or corrosive cleaning agents, otherwise it will hurt the stone, stone accelerated aging or to lose their luster. Here are several to avoid the use of chemicals, for your reference: acid fluoride, acid fluoride urea, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, industrial hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid.

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