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Marble Maintenance



Marble maintenance and construction
Marble maintenance is divided into two types: waxing and re-crystallization
1, said first wax, wax polish on the marble really is an effective maintenance methods, but the many drawbacks of marble maintenance. 1, La face gray smoke, the treated surface easier to produce a gray felt, and pedestrians will be left behind after clear footprints; 2, wax layer closure of the pores of the marble, marble can not be disclosed by the internal moisture, resulting in marble into lesions; 3, soft wax layer texture, susceptible to wear, not really to protect the marble requirements.
2, re-crystallization treatment, re-crystallization of the marble processing is a more popular form of marble maintenance, marble, crystal and then divided into two parts, machine tools is part of, the other is part of special chemical materials; chemical material also has into two: one is the recrystallization of granite, and the other is a marble recrystallization. The basic principle is crystal stone of some special chemical materials produced by mechanical friction when the heat generated with the marble surface of the structure of the binding reaction, new and hard crystalline layer, and then use the crystal system of the granite stone and marble maintenance, can to be bright and fresh and natural ground marble effect. Can improve the marble surface abrasion, it is more durable luster. In general, the granite surface for a two-way maintenance on it. However, differences in texture of the marble floor as the general need for about 6 months on a way to do the maintenance, but also depends on the specific degree of surface wear marble set.
Recrystallization before the need for a professional cleaning of marble in order to guarantee the construction effect, employees must establish a scientific, rigorous approach to their work. Cleaning tools and materials:
Tools: washing machine, nylon brush plate, suction machine, mops, buckets.
Use materials agents: alkali or neutral detergent.
1, the dilution of good stone washing liquid into the washing machine, from behind forward, walking a straight line, so to avoid missing.
2, scrub the same time start the suction machine, suction side edge scrub except sewage, wash on the washing machine can not be used to place wrung mop with detergent after the scrub.
3, again with a clean dry floor cleaner water, press the same wash again with water, drain water to complete.
4 Note: Clean the ground prohibit the use of acidic cleaners and powder detergents, otherwise they will damage and corrosion of the marble surface.
5, standard: clean and bright, no stains, no prints.
Marble maintenance routine methods:
On a regular basis in order to slightly damp cloth with a mild detergent wipe the marble, then a clean soft cloth, polish. Wear and tear encountered serious marble difficult to deal with steel wool or electric grinder can be polished, or polished carefully with liquid abrasive cleaners. Use lemon juice or vinegar can clean marble surface dirty, but should be particularly noted that the best lemon stay in time no more than 2 minutes. No person will be marble lemon absorbed, resulting in a new stone pollution, if necessary, repeat the operation. Then wash and dry. Minor scratches, can be dedicated to protection of marble care agent. If old or expensive marble or stone maintenance company should be invited to professional treatment. Marble furniture, paint the paint remover must deal with. In strict accordance with product instructions, may need more coating layers. After all the paint removed, the polished steel wool or electric grinder.

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